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Upload images from your code

import base64, urllib, urllib2
url = ''
with open('image.jpeg') as f:
    imagedata = base64.b64encode(
    data = {"image": imagedata, "caption": "capt"}
    u = urllib2.urlopen(url, urllib.urlencode(data))
    print u.readlines()
The above example is in Python but the logic is the same for any languague. Base64 encode an image and post it on the above URL (Caption is optional).

Desktop screenshot script

Pixbin's friends are awesome. One of them built this bash script that uses the above API to upload a screenshot of your desktop (or selected area) that you can then easily share. The script uploads the screenshot and automatically copies the link to your clipboard which you can then paste and share. Download the script here.

Google-Chrome Plugin

We also made a Plugin for Google-Chrome. So if you want to share any image on the web you can just right click on it and share it via Pixbin. Download the plugin here.

About us

Pixbin was founded by Deni Bertovic and Zlatko Masek to simply make the sharing of photos more hassle free. Copyright 2013.

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